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As I prepare ahead to school our children I have been reading all the notes my mentor Melisa Nielsen of Waldorf Essentials wrote, namely in the Handwork section.  She quotes Patricia Livingston’s book, Will-Developed Intelligence:  Handwork and Practical Art in the Waldorf School:

“The hands are a unique and beautiful part of the human being, and they bring us important, far-reaching experiences.  Therefore as teachers we must try to help the children become aware of their hands and of the great gifts they bestow on themselves and on others.  Their hands need to become skillful, sensitive, and strong so that they can accomplish many deeds.  Blind people get to know the world through their hands, but most people are unaware of the knowledge that can be gained when the hands are used in useful and sensitive ways.  Think of art and music!  Think of what physical work and daily tasks teach us.  Think of a handshake and what it tells us about another person.  We want the children to make things they love and enjoy and to work skillfully, always increasing their artistry.  Handwork should be relaxing and fun, and at the same time productive, involving strong will activity.  Nothing happens if you don’t use your hands and get to work!”

Somehow within me Spirit begs to be transformed and manifest – winter is inner growth time, like the roots in nature.  SOMEHOW February, a tough time for many home educators in the spiritual mundane, the unseen is hard at work planning and dreaming.  I say take to handwork!  Let balance be kept.  I was reminded very clearly where I am here in winter by beautiful artwork recently.

Artist Unknown

Artist Unknown

I have all these little creations within me begging to come out, begging to be discerned and transformed.  Like the picture above I close my eyes, but I am not blind.  Information, ideas, designs and healing stream forth through me, through my hands.  Wisdom may come through me and through my limbs to my hands and into the needle through which I sew.   My other handwork, so to speak, is caring for my new beautiful baby boy.  Nursing and holding.  Also, writing comes forth for me and I am trying to honor that creation here in my nurturing space.  Especially the teachings I am to bring forth to the kids in a creative way, such as Language Arts and Math through art. Nonetheless, it is February and I am told by those who reside in the Unseen to relax the thinking mind and allow the hands to become more alive and working.

One does have to become quiet first.  Stillness is active, not passive.  I believe we can transform ourselves, connect both sides of our brain and pass that on down to our children.  Anytime of the year is good for crafting, working and using the hands, but in February, Now, this is my answer.  I am being told to plan and to give creation a chance as my art of life.  Patricia Livingston goes on to say:

Working to transform the materials of the earth fosters inner growth and a sense of well-being in the children.  These lessons support and compliment other subjects in the school, helping to bring balance and wholeness to the education.”

We try to work with natural materials as often as possible.  Wool and cotton for example.  Eco arts and crafts fall naturally to the children when they are outdoors sitting on Mother Earth playing.  Touching, feeling, creating, even destroying is a part of that process.  Many people believe destruction is a very yang perspective, but I see it as a very feminine perspective as well.  The womb, the dark waters of creation, the unseen, the powerful roiling sea within us that wrecks to make way.  The balance must exist.

What illusory boundaries are you destroying in your inner and outer world to make way for the new?  Spring is nigh!  What are you doing with your will?  What are you doing with your hands?  This is all part of the work.  My work as a true Human Being, here at Nurturing Spirit.  Thank you for letting me share.

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