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Good morning folks.  My post today is about big love, not about the holiday and consuming.  I am also not trying to change anyone’s mind here.  I just want to tell a story.

From my understanding Saint Valentine, the man, became a Saint because he had big love for his Creator.  In those days, the King told all his Knights they could not marry.  Marriage is a holy sacrament to Christians.  Marriage is considered an outer act of an inner decision to merge with your partner.  To unionize two energies.  Many people in these times also practice the marriage of their own energies, thus the inner spiritual act of marriage with oneself.

The King did not want the Knights to marry, so they would be dedicated and serve him.  Valentine, a priest, felt the King’s authority overshadowed God’s sacrament of marriage for all.  So Valentine spent much of his time marrying these Knight’s to their loved ones in secret, till the day came where he was arrested and brought to the Tower.  During Valentine’s stay until his death, he wrote many letters to loved ones signing “Your Valentine.”  The period in which Valentine lived was considered dark days in humanity for good reasons.  The veil of consciousness was begining to recede and draw us closer to Creator out of the watery infancy of the human race.  Today things are much better energetically, but we still have a ways to go concerning Unity consciousness and equality for not just humans, but all who reside on Mother Earth.

For me and my translation of this day I see a chance to raise my vibration.  And also an opportunity to think about how I show love for my Creator.  How do I show Big Love?  How do I Love in the face of authority?  There are many thoughts, but few true answers.  Compassion is one and patience is another.  Valentine chose to be true to his beliefs and serve.  So I will serve as well by raising my vibration and Being for my children, in my own backyard.  Let me not leave out that we study the ascended masters, the saints and all the religions.  All with intention to evolve and learn from the past, so that my Now will be more like Heaven.

Today will culminate a week spent making and giving home made items to those we love and passing along the good vibration with a hug and a smile.  Nothing mass consumed.  Everything with intention.  And one extra symbol of love in this home to remind us of our love and union.  Our Big Love.  Spirit Manifest.  The children.

Love to you.


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