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Here is a recipe from the vault.  Apple Cider Vinegar Herbal Hair Rinse.  I remember the days when my grandmother would rinse her hair with vinegar.  One never forgets the smell.  But vinegar is tried and true, with so many uses.  Get an organic bottle of Bragg’s or whatever is available.  Acquire a nice big glass jar, with a wide mouth.  Use many combinations of herbs to take it a step further.  The following herbs help remove residue on the scalp, including dandruff, and it is good for itchy scalp, natural hair loss treatment, and a home remedy for lice.  Horsetail, rosemary, nettle, yarrow, chamomile and lavender.  Just make a whole large jug, which should last your family a few seasons.  I take a cup of the vinegar and mix it with water in a pitcher, then apply to my scalp in the shower.  Let me give you a reminder.  Do not let this recipe intimidate you.  Before even gathering herbs you do not have, do an experiment solely with vinegar.  Plan, and order over time, meanwhile document your personal research, in a journal.

To be honest, apple cider vinegar is an excellent deodorant.  It smells the first few minutes, but dissipates.  Vinegar is very anti-microbial.  Apply with a cotton ball, or washable rag.  If you find your body is sensitive to store-bought products, give vinegar a try.  Try it under one arm first to be sure.  Remember every person’s body is different, and that is my disclaimer.  If you are looking for a way to be frugal, this is one stop along the way.  Maybe you can find more uses here.  Not that you have anything else to do, but what if you tried using vinegar for as many things as you can.  What if it was a home school experiment?  What if it was a personal challenge?  What if you are trying to save money?  Think about it.  If you don’t do it now, the seed is planted.  Winter is a good time for such projects.

I do have a challenge out  there for active folks.  Those who run, climb, jump, track and play.  Give vinegar a try as your natural deodorant, and see what happens.  You’ll sweat, but the odor will be minimal.  Based on the person though, it does matter what types of toxins release from your system.  You’ll want to consider what you are eating or what medicines you might be taking, or the air you are breathing.

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