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Hi friends! Yup, it’s been a while since I posted here. Life. IG (Stories) is my fun place, and I still post about homeschool on my homeschool-only Facebook Page. Message me if you want to be friends there. We’ve mostly covered 6th, 4th and pre-k3/4 this past year in 2017. Not to mention we moved four hours north. It’s been interesting in a rental home, while we build our wood shop. Check out my profile page on Instagram. There’s a highlight reel posted of our progress pics on the shop. Fun times. Meanwhile, the hubs @coydog_studios is working out of our future home. Yes, it is functioning as a temporary shop. After the equipment is placed and the electric is run, the new shop will be much more efficient.

Here in the north we are anchoring and finding our favorite places. We’ve been going to the YMCA for homeshool swim and gym, plus family day, which is So good for our mental, physical and emotional intelligences. Especially in the northern climate. We’ve had So much snow this winter, and we’ve made the best of it hygge-style. I won’t keep you long, just wanted to post a quick 2 minute video of my messy, well-lived library (student and teacher) area, and play room. We are just over here Chasing The Light this Winter. More soon.




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As I find myself coming to the end of one cycle with Happy Hedgehog Post as a Brand Rep, new adventures are arising for our family. Sometimes adventures happen very quickly, and the next thing you know, you are putting one foot in front of the other. For my family, we are finding that after almost 11 years (in May 2017), we are picking up roots and replanting ourselves. We have been blooming and growing in Kentucky. We married in North Carolina and had our first son, Little Eagle. Then, we moved to Kentucky and immediately got pregnant with Little Fox. About 7 years later I got pregnant with Little Bear. So most of our children’s Early Childhood, walking the Waldorf inspired path, has been in one place. Now it is time to go on a new adventure together. We are moving to Amish Country, in Northern Indiana. Life will be different. We have lived on almost 4 acres in the country for the past 11 years, but we are moving into a rental (temporarily) in town. It is a quaint town, where I can walk to yoga and the farmer’s market within 5 minutes. There is a 26 acre park right in town as well. And, grandma lives a few streets over. At some point we will move back out to the country, once we find the right place. UPDATED to add : We have found a place to live and a workshop for our family business!

Meanwhile, I have been asked by Amber at Hearth Magic to review her lovely two-part PDF download that she has listed on Etsy. Tonight I downloaded and previewed the learning guide. It is very thorough. Our journey will include reading The Hobbit one chapter at a time and doing crafts, activities and pairing that with food! I am not sure who is more excited, the kids or me!

So! Over the next couple months, as we move and settle in, I hope to post some of our adventures. Our journey. Until then, head over to Etsy and check out Amber’s listing. If anything Favorite her listing, as you stay tuned to see more of my review.

The Hobbit Family Learning Adventure Guide


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Good day folks! Join me over on Instagram for a GIVEAWAY of this lovely piece, called Full Circle, pattern by Cozy Blue. I want to share LIGHT and KINDNESS with this GIVEAWAY, so LIKE and TAG a friend in the COMMENTS. GIVEAWAY closes, Monday, December 26th, at 4p.m. My children will choose a winner!



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I would like to welcome you to take a peek at my new Etsy shop. Don’t forget to Favorite and Follow along. Nurturing Spirit will have handmade items, altar accessories and I am keeping my mind open to the possibilities. There are a few listings you might be interested in for the holidays, but for now I am excited to watch my shop grow. Please visit me on Instagram, where I will post new listings.



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Our Little Bear bundled up and walked a big circuit today.  This is one of the first times he hasn’t had to be pulled, pushed or carried.  A new season of movement! A season of feeling his feet on the land and looking up at the sky, the trees, and the winged ones in new awareness.

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Winter review, 4th and 2nd grade math.


Big brother brought in a piece of bark, with bird tracks in the snow.  Little Bear is blessed with big brothers and nature knowledge all around.

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