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After waking and upon nursing my 13 week old I began meditating on the moment, on the morning. I have noticed over time and through 3 boys of my own that babies and children love song. It’s natural, especially sing-song and rhymes or verses. So I find myself naturally as a mother singing little songs here and there throughout the day.

I have observed our transitions occur more naturally with the help of song. One such transition is upon waking. Indigenous folks, the folks who live in tune with Spirit and Mother Earth have songs for all parts of their day. I was also confirmed of this practice through learning about Waldorf education. ¬†One such transitioning song for the morning would be to greet the day. To say hello to the rising sun and to say to yourself and your family, “Welcome to the day, I am grateful.” I have recorded a song by Brooke Medicine Eagle to share with you. In the recording, while sitting with my little newborn singing and rocking and watching the sun rise, my 8 1/2 year old naturally began singing with me. He has heard this song many mornings and as I have washed many dishes.

Throughout my day I think of each one of you, in your homes, or other locations around the world, working the day away. I infuse the magic of seeing myself sing and wave to you from my own home. I think of how we welcome the day in a good way together.

How does your day look? Where do you let song live? Please feel free to share your links below and start a conversation. ¬†Please feel free to learn this three word song and sing each morning (anytime), believing as we sing together we raise the vibration of our homes, and our CommUnity’s.

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If you are interested in purchasing Brooke Medicine Eagle’s song, she can be found on iTunes.

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